Hunza Cherry Blossom: The Stunning Spring

Ever heard of Cherry Blossom? The arrival of Cherry blossoms signals the end of harsh winter season in Hunza Valley and Nagar Khas. The blossom season in Hunza starts from the first week of March and ends around mid April. Cherry blossom love began in ancient times when aristocrats wrote poetry and sang songs under the flowering trees. The Japanese like cherry blossom because the shape and color of the petals reflect people’s ideal notion of purity and simplicity. They are also touched by the blossoms that they are so fragile short-lived scattering just a few days after the flower. Every time there is the slightest breeze, a shower of cherry-blossom petals is produced. At the same time one can also view the blossom of Apricot, Apples and Pears.

But you really don’t need to travel the world to view this magic. Pakistan has so much to offer and this is the tiny part of it. After the season of Hunza Autumn, the lovely destruction of last of the leaves, there comes the season of life and rebirth. As the landscapes of Hunza Valley is incredible throughout the year it becomes even more vibrant in spring. The best time of year to visit Hunza is mid of March. Notably, Diran Peak, Rakaposhi Peak, Golden peak and Ultar peak are the famous peaks in Hunza Valley.

Here’s some pictures I took during Hunza Blossom Tour in April 2016.

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