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Gorakh Hill Station: Majestic King of Sindh

It is said that life is a journey, not a destination. Keeping it in mind I always try to find some new place to go, Gorakh Hills was one of many mystery places I really wanted to go back in 2008, but no actual ground realities and information was available, I decided to go on my own with my elder brother.

Sunset View from Gorakh Hill Station Benazir View Point Sindh Pakistan

Plan was to keep driving and ask locals about the road condition. Some of them misguided us, Pakistani thing you know, but we made it to the top actually, a rough and tough off road to Gorakh from Juhi was not the thing to do with family, but thanks to genetic adventure, they all enjoyed the hurdles and mostly the view from the top. I don’t have my past travel history in record with me, lost my hard drive back in 2012, so can’t place the original raw Gorakh Hill Station pictures but yes I do have 2012 trip pictures and will add another post soon.

Gorakh Hill Station snowfalls clouds
Driving into clouds, yes it is Gorakh Hill Station in Sindh

At an altitude of 5,690ft in the Kirthar Mountain Range, which is 94 kilometres away from Dadu city, the Gorakh Hill Station is situated on the highest plateau of Sindh.

Coming to the present, if you are seeking the thrill of a jeep ride up the mountains, want to watch a breath-taking sunset out among the hills and enjoy an immersive stargazing experience in the “Murree of Sindh”? Then Gorakh Hill Station is a must visit place, the highest point in Sindh.

Gorakh Hill Station snowfall
Gorakh Hills cloud covered

Journey starts from Karachi for Gorakh around midnight, It takes around 12 hour to reach the Gorakh Top so you have to leave the city early and travel till Sehwan in dark, it’s all secure and safe so no worries about security conditions. Road is in good condition just make sure you take a short break for tea or washroom before leaving Jamshoro, after that on main Indus Highway there’s no proper restaurants / fuel pumps.

You reach Sehwan City in 5 hours, have breakfast in Sehwan Divine Restaurant, the best neat and clean option you have in Sehwan. Then, continue drive to Wahi Pandi, a town in the Dadu district of Sindh which is called basecamp of Gorakh. Take right turn from when you reach Dadu City from PSO Pump at the corner and leave the highway, this road leads to Wahi Pandi, make sure to use bypass road of Juhi else you will face traffic in main town.

Sehwan Divine Restaurant Sindh
Sehwan Divine Restaurant in Sehwan City, Sindh

At 9 am, you should reach Wahi Pandi, there’s only petrol pump there that works as Jeep Point as well. Hire a 4×4 Potohar Jeep and depart for Gorakh Hill station. It is a meandering, bumpy ride as the jeeps snake upwards for 2.5 hours. No need to fret though, the drivers are locals experienced in navigating the rough terrain. Make sure that you put face mask, apply sunblock, wear hats, and take in the wilderness around you.

Khawal Luk Pass Gorakh Hill Station Sindh
Khawal Luk Pass view from Bozdarabad Point, Gorakh Hills, Sindh.
Gorakh Hill Station Jeep Ride Road Khawal Luk Pass
Snake Road to Gorakh Hill Station as seen from Khawal Luk Pass.

First short break is Bozdarabad point where jeep drivers check water level and other mechanical aspects of jeep to make sure it’s ready for almost 90-degree steep turns of Khawal Luk Pass, you can view the road and summit of both Khawal Luk Pass and Gorakh Top from Bozdarabad view point. Gorakh looms into view at about 1-2pm, with a sharp drop in temperature.

Gorakh Hill Station Benazir View Point View
Feel of height at Benazir View Point, Gorakh Hill Station, Sindh.

You will be at Gorakh Summer Resorts around 12 pm, have lunch and explore the surrounding. There’s room facility also available but you need to book it in advance, camping facility is available on spot. Have some rest and be ready at 4 pm, get your trekking shoes out for a scenic trek to Benazir view point, the highest and most spectacular viewpoint Gorakh Hill Station, Sindh.

Gorakh Hill Station Hotel Gorakh Resort Room
View of Gorakh Summer Resort and Restaurant, Gorakh Hill Station, Sindh.
Gorakh Hill Station Hotel Room Picture inside view
View of Gorakh Resort Rooms and Mosque from Restaurant.
Gorakh Hill Station Hotel Room Picture inside view
Inside view of Gorakh Hill Resort Rooms.

From here the mountains will spread out in front of you like a scene from a postcard. Sit around, feel the height, love the views. Wait for the sunset. As the sun sinks into the hills, the peaks are imbued with a golden hue, and witness the most spectacular sunset of your life.

Gorakh Hill Station Sunset view
Breathtaking sunset view from Benazir View Point, Gorakh Hill Station, Sindh.
Gorakh Hill Station Sunset view
Breathtaking sunset view from Benazir View Point, Gorakh Hill Station, Sindh.
Gorakh Hill Station Sunset view
Breathtaking sunset view from Benazir View Point, Gorakh Hill Station, Sindh.

Trek back to the resort, you can also tip jeep drive and ask him to take you to the Benazir point in case you don’t wish to trek. The time is now perfect for a bonfire session, some live music and stargazing. Gorakh is one of the best places to check out the night sky due to the absence of light pollution and its elevation which gives one the illusion of floating amongst the stars.

gorakh hill station night milkyway view
Milkyway shot from Gorakh Hill Station (@natgeoyourshot)

The nights are cold, in winters the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius; remember to wear sweaters/ jackets and woolen beanies and bring some shawls along. Camps will be set up nearby with 3-person sharing tents. Public bathrooms are also available.

Gorakh Hill Station sunrise view
Stunning sunrise view from Gorakh Hill Station, Sindh. (By Mani)
Gorakh Hill Station sunrise view
Stunning sunrise view from Gorakh Hill Station, Sindh.

Don’t miss the gorgeous sunrise sleeping in though! Gorakh offer splendid sunrise view same as sunset so you just can’t miss the real moment. Then it’s time for breakfast in the early hours of the morning. After breakfast, leave the Gorakh at 9 am, take a short photography break at Khawal Luk Pass which offers amazing snake road view and landscape. Return to jeep point, start heading towards Sehwan, have lunch at Sehwan Devine Restaurant, make a quick visit to famous Sufu Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine. The 12th century saint is the most revered of saints to this day and his beautiful shrine attracts upwards of 2 million visitors, most of them spiritual devotees, every year.

Gorakh Hill Station Benazir View Point Sindh
Gorakh Hill Station Benazir View Point Sindh

The journey winds to an end in Karachi at 8pm. Home sweet home! There’s no network after Bozdarabad point, you get only Jazz and Zong signals at some points at Gorakh Top, depends on weather condition. You can use charged wireless call service as well.

You can contact me for private/group tour to Gorakh Hill Station. Foreigners with tourist visa don’t need any kind of NOC.

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