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Fairy Meadows Road: World’s most dangerous road.

Fairy Meadows Road is a marvelous yet dangeruos high mountain jeep track with a length of 16.2km, situated in the Diamir District of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The rock street is totally unmaintained, there are no rescue or guardrails for support, and it’s so narrow that sometimes you’re just an inch away from deadly edge to give passage to another jeep. But this is the most visit place in Pakistan, and you should visit to if you are true adventure lover, don’t worry about the road, drivers are local and master of this road. No fatal accidents ever happened here to be noted.

This Jeep track of Fairy Meadows starts from Raikot Bridge on Karakoram Highway and finishes in the town of Tattu, a small village close to Fairy Meadows. From there getting to Fairy Meadows is a demanding trek of average 4 hours on foot. But whole trek keeps you engage with the stunning views. There is a midway tuck shop (A local dhaba) to get refreshed, have tea or light lunch (not recommended on trek), buy water bottles or just sit and relax. From this point you enter in Fairy Meadows Forest, and trek turns more relaxing and beautiful. After 4 hour of average trek, you reach Fairy Meadows, the home of mighty Nanga Parbat, also known as Killer Mountain.

There are many hotels and camping facilities available in Fairy Meadows, best recommended places to stay are Raikot Sarai, Fairy Meadows Cottages and Greenland Resort. I will prefer Greenland Resort for better food, and Raikot Sarai for better view. From Fairy Meadows you can trek to Beyal Camp or Nanga Parbat basecamp (recommended for experts only) the foot of the ninth highest mountain on the planet and second in Pakistan after K2.

Best time to visit Fairy Meadows is June to September. Fairy Meadows is open throughout the year even in winter season but only go there in winters if you are expert trekker and adjust in extreme cold weather. In summers, Fairy Meadows weather remains cold specially nights are perfectly chilly.

Fairy Meadows Road. A perfect adventurous jeep ride.
A short video of Fairy Meadows and Khunjerab Pass tour.

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